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Associate Professional Risk Manager (APRM)

The Associate Professional Risk Manager (Associate PRM) is a new PRMIA certificate program intended for staff entering the risk management profession, or those who interface with risk management disciplines on a regular basis, such as auditing, accounting, legal, and systems development personnel who want to understand fundamental risk management methods and practices. Designed to be mathematically and theoretically less detailed than the Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) certification, the new program will cover the core concepts allowing non-specialists to interpret risk management information and reports, make critical assessments and evaluate the implications and the limitations of such results.
Certification Summary
Examination Papers & Topics
Candidates are required to pass only one exam.
The knowledge demonstrated by passing the Associate PRM provides a practical, non-ivory tower approach that is necessary to effectively implement a superior risk management program. Successful candidates will be able to:  
  • Understand corporate governance, compliance and risk management.
  • Be able to implement integrated risk management.
  • Know how to measure, manage and hedge market, credit (retail and corporate) and operational risk.
  • Define the roles of board members and senior management in managing risk.


Examination Style
The exam is computer-based and consists of 90 multiple choice questions. Exam questions are randomly drawn, according to the syllabus order and weightings, from the exam database.
Examination Passing Score
Candidates are required to pass one exam with a score of 60% or greater to receive the Associate PRM certificate.
Examination & Results Dates
The exam can be taken on any business day of the year. Results are typically available within 15 business days after the exam has been taken.
Examination Mode Computer-based
Areas of Specialization
  • Banking and Finance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
Professional Body The Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA)
Location of Incorporation United States