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Certified Islamic Banker (CIB)

Certified Islamic Banker (CIB) program gives an in-depth study of Islamic financial and Islamic banking system. CIB is designed to produce highly skilled professionals and valued “Islamic Bankers” for the highly growing Islamic Banking industry.


Certification Summary
Examination Papers & Topics
Certified Islamic Banker (CIB) comprises of three courses in the area of Islamic Finance:
  • Islamic Economical and Financial System
  • Islamic Modes of Financing
  • Islamic Commercial & Investment Banking


Examination Style
CIB Students are given ten (6) Assignments, which they must complete and send to their faculty through email and upon completion of the assignments and studies, students request an online multiple choice "open book" examination.
Examination Passing Score
Students must score atleast 65%, to be eligible for CIB certificate.
Examination & Results Dates
Upon completion Assignment and studies.
Examination Mode Computer-based
Areas of Specialization
  • Banking and Finance
  • Islamic Finance
Professional Body Academy for International Modern Studies
Location of Incorporation United Kingdom