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SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson (SCPS)

The SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson™ program is ideal sales certification for professionals who are employed as a sales representatives, account managers, distributor representatives and business development personnel. The SMEI sales certification program is designed to ensure that those completing the program have successfully demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the core competencies outlined below. Recognized authorities in sales and marketing were involved in prescribing these competencies, which were in turn approved and adopted by the Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals (CMSP) Trustees.


Certification Summary
Examination Papers & Topics
This salesperson certification program is developed based on the following core competency clusters which were developed by the CMSP in conjunction with assistance from Syracuse University:
  • Foundation Skills (Segmentation, Differentiation & Positioning ,Self Knowledge/Professionalism, Product/Company Knowledge, Communication/Listening Skills)
  • Planning (Goal Setting, Forecasting, Understanding Motives and Needs, Decision Influencers, Features/Benefits Preparation)
  • Executing (Qualifying Prospects, Negotiations, Overcoming Objections, Closing, CRM)
Examination Style
Applicants are responsible for providing a suitable proctor to supervise their examination.  The exam must be taken at a recognized facility providing exam invigilation services. 


Examination Passing Score

Passing Score...

Examination & Results Dates
Examinations must be taken within 365 days of application approval date.
Examination Mode Computer-based
Areas of Specialization
  • Marketing
  • Sales
Professional Body Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI)
Location of Incorporation Canada