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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Practice Exams

Wiley CPA Examination Review, Problems and Solutions

Self-study guide for persons taking the uniform CPA Examination, with detailed coaching and a review of every exam topic. Volume I contains all study guides and outlines. Volume II contains all problem solutions. This text contains over 2,600 multiple choice questions and 150 practice problems and essay questions. The second objective of this volume is to explain the AICPA unofficial answers to the examination problems/questions included in this text. Both volumes are organized into 44 manageable study units (modules) to assist candidates in organizing their study programs. They provide all the information needed to pass the uniform CPA Examination. These volumes are revised in June of each year. They have parallel organization to facilitate joint use but may be used independently. A free Update Supplement is available in January upon request.

Wiley CPA Examination Review Practice Software 14.0 Complete Exam
Wiley CPA Examination Review Practice Software 14.0 offers timely, up-to-the-minute coverage for preparing for the new computerized CPA Exam. Published annually, this software product provides hundreds of multiple choice questions and solutions and includes AICPA simulation questions. In addition, guidelines, explanations, tips, and diagnostic feedback covering the CPA examination are included. CPA candidates and the people who train them will find this software is the most effective system available to prepare for the CPA exam.
Wiley CPA Exam: How to Master Simulations (with CD ROM)
This tightly focused guide is like no other, concentrating only on the simulation questions in the CPA Exam. Providing nine case studies?tested on the CPA Exam?Wiley CPA Exam: How to Master Simulations shows you how to complete each simulation tested on the exam. Concise and valuable, this study aid provides you with the tips and examples you need to study effectively?and master the CPA Exam simulations.
CPA Test Prep CD-Rom & Test Prep for Windows Mobile
Download the CPA Test Prep CD-Rom to your Windows Mobile and study anywhere! No longer are you required to be in front of your computer to utilize the powerful features of the Test Prep CD-Rom, such as: 1) Performance Tracking, 2) More than 1700 multiple-choice questions, many of which aren't found in the book, and 3) Study and Test Modes.


CPA Flashcards - Becker
Becker flashcards offer you one of the most convenient, effective tools for memorizing important material covered on the CPA Exam. The flashcard set includes over 1,000 cards with questions on the front and brief answers on the back.
CPAexcel Gold Medal CPA Flashcards
1,000 printed flashcards created by Christine Howard, one of CPAexcel's AICPA Gold Medal Winners, and the first Gold Medal winner ever to achieve a 4-part perfect exam score. Christine created these flashcards for her own use to cover every testable point that might appear on the exam, and we continue to update them regularly for our CPAexcel students. The printed flashcards are perfect for testing yourself when away from your computer.